THE ATHOS PENINSULA lies in the South-East of Europe in the Northern Aegean Sea. It constitutes, in accordance with its ancient privileged status, an independent part of the Hellenic State – a unique monastic state. Athos, according to its ancient tradition, permits no access to women, and the monks live a simple life without comforts such as private cars, TV etc. From the moment that monasticism made its appearance on Athos on about AD 800, until the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, the emperors never ceased to provide it with moral support and economic aid. Today it houses about 2200 monks from Greece, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, the U.S.A. France, Germany and other countries.

The coenobitic Monastery of Koutloumousiou is situated on the NE side of Mount Athos on a green hillside beside the medieval township of Karyes (the small monastic capital of the Athonite citizenship, where the representatives of the 20 monasteries meet), where nature has striven to offer a unique model of magnificence and beauty of form.

Date of foundation: 12th century.


Legal status: Non-profit institute for religious and cultural purposes. As an establishment of Mount Athos, it is armed with a privileged legal status recognized by (i) the Law of the Hellenic Republic, (ii) the Public International Law and (iii) the European Law.

* * *

The monastery accepts donations for the following works concerning its efficient functioning, the preservation of its cultural heritage, and the provision of hospitality to numerous pilgrims from all over the world:

a) restorative works (reconstruction of the south wing and other damaged parts of the monastic complex, the restoration/expansion of the library, the guest house etc.) b) restoration of the church frescos and liturgical treasures c) publication of manuscripts d) power supply installations (photovoltaic panels)

Donnations can be deposited at the following bank account number:

Bank of Cyprus (Branch: Agioi Omologites – 0174)

Account number: 357025066060

IBAN: CY83002001950000357025066060


Tel. number: 0035722125410