GREEK CLASSICAL MASTERPIECES CD-EXTRA productions for the English-speaking public

DIONYSIOS SOLOMOS: HYMN TO LIBERTY An audio and visual feast produced in homage to Greece’s national poet D. Solomos. Solomos’ brilliant and moving prose and verse is vividly dramatised in English by the acclaimed, Julie Christie. The work is lovely, thought provoking, and relaxing. The heart-warming and sensitive music of the noted Greek composer, Nikos Kypourgos, and choir of the Monastery provide an added plus to this celebration of “words fit for eternity.” The CD combines poetry, theatre and music wrapped into one comprehensive sumptuous feast for hungry souls. The disc also includes paintings from the Greek War of Independence, pictures of the Holy Mountain and treasures of the Monastery of Koutloumous (CD ROM included). Dionysios Solomos, (1798-1857) is recognized as “one of the greatest poets of all time.” His poetry and prose capture the majesty of ancient Greece and Byzantium , and draw upon British, Italian and German ideas and influence. The CD is a novel and pleasing approach to literature clad in the fabulous language of music. English-speaking audiences will marvel at Solomos’ monumental yet vastly unknown work prior to this effort. The artistic and literary supervision of this work has been carried out by the brothers of the Monastery. 8 euro

Images of our Lord in Hellenic Poetry and Music

A synergy of Greek, Irish, English and Russian contributors has yielded a superb mosaic of verse, music and chanting. The acclaimed Susan FitzGerald, Stephen Brennan and James Heywood vivify masterpieces of ancient, medieval and contemporary Hellenic poetry in English translations. Set against this background is a distinctive assortment of most distinguished singers; Maria Farantouri performs the Byzantine Praises and other pieces with the radiant fullness of her divine voice, and Alkinoos Ioannidis gives a new performance of Mikis Theodorakis. The combined effort is a pioneering work destined to be a classic. The composers of the music are renowned the world over and include Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis and John Tavener together with several unknown Byzantine melodists. Nikos Kypourgos has made new imaginative and sensitive arrangements of all the pieces for symphony and chamber orchestra, so as to create an atmosphere of prayer. In the last arrangement, the ancient Greek instrument called the Hydravlis is recorded for the first time, playing a Byzantine hymn. Choirs from Mount Athos, Moscow and Cambridge have succeeded in realising what is sure to become recognized as a masterpiece.

The CD also features a rare video presentation of the Holy Monastery of Koutloumous, an establishment of the eleventh century.The disc is accompanied by a rich and elegant booklet including an extensive introduction as well as the text of the verses.
8 euro